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Physical Exfoliators

Step 3 of the 10-step Korean routine is exfoliation - and here's where you'll find the best curated list of Korean facial scrubs there are. Incorporate physical exfoliators into your skin care routine and choose from a variety of face scrubs and exfoliating pads featuring natural exfoliant ingredients. 

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Waterfall Glacier Water Cream</a>!</span></p>" data-bread-crumbs="$20-$30;badge-femalefounded;BF Sale;chemical;combo_sensitive;cruelty-free;David Lopez's Gift Guide;female founded;female founders;Free_Of::Artificial_Colors;Free_Of::Artificial_Fragrances;Free_of::Parabens;Free_Of::Sulphates;Ingredient_Type::Anti-Oxidant /Vitamins;oily_sensitive;Peptides;Product_Type::Exfoliator;Saturday Skin;skin care;skincare;sokoglam;Superfood Spotlight: Exfoliators;">
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Dermalogy Real Cica Pad Product Image
Dermalogy Real Cica Pad Try these Neogen Dermalogy Real Cica Pads soaked in an essence formulated with centella asiatica extract to soothe and smooth skin without causing irritation.
Best Seller
StyleCaster <li><a href="">Allure </ul> <p>If you love this product, check out NEOGEN <a href="">
Agas ACue Herbal Mask</a>!</span></span></p>" data-bread-crumbs="badge-cleanbeauty;Free_Of::Alcohol_Products;Free_Of::Artificial_Colors;Free_Of::Artificial_Fragrances;Free_Of::Essential_Oil;Free_Of::Mineral_Oil;Free_of::Parabens;Free_Of::Silicone;Free_Of::Sulphates;Inward;new;physical;physical exfoliant;Product_Type::Exfoliator;Product_Type::Wash Off Mask;skin care;Skin_Concern::Dryness/Hydration;Skin_Concern::Sensitive;Skin_Type::Combination;Skin_Type::Dry;skincare;soko glam;sokoglam;Wash off Mask;YCRF_seeding;">
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NEOGEN	Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine
Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine Replace traditional acid peels with these exfoliating pads with Resveratrol & lactic acid to deep clean pores. These single-use pads are quick and easy to use.
Best Seller
Neogen's skincare</a>. </span></p>" data-bread-crumbs="$20-$30;AHA;Anti-Aging/Wrinkles;B SKU;badge-bestofkbeauty;best seller;Best sellers 2021;Blackberry;BlackFriday2018;BOKB;BOKB winners;chemical;combination;David Lopez's Gift Guide;dry;dryness;exfoliator;Free_Of::Essential_Oil;Free_Of::Mineral_Oil;Free_of::Parabens;Free_Of::Silicone;Free_Of::Sulphates;Glycolic Acid;Ingredient_Type::Acids;neogen;normal;Oil Control/Pores;oily;oily skin;physical;physical exfoliator;pores;Product_Type::Exfoliator;Raspberry;resveratrol;sale;skin care;Skin_Concern::Anti-Aging/Wrinkles;Skin_Type::Combination;Skin_Type::Dry;Skin_Type::Normal;Skin_Type::Oily;skincare;sokoglam;YGroup_neo101844;">
    Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea Product Picture
    Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea These green tea exfoliating pads prevent signs of aging & soothe irritated skin. Experience 3 layer pad technology to remove dead skin cells & impurities.
    Best Seller
    Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine</a>, now try it in Green Tea!</p> <p>With 30 single-use exfoliating pads, Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin smoother and clear. Dead skin cells are sloughed off the surface of the skin using the unique 3 layer pad technology.<br><br>Its star ingredient, Green Tea, is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging and is an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe irritated skin.<br><br>30 single-use pads</p> <p>6.76 oz / 200 ml</p>" data-bread-crumbs="$20-$30;A/B test;acne;Anti-Aging/Wrinkles;B SKU;Best sellers 2021;BF Sale;BlackFriday2018;chemical;cica;exfoliator;Free_Of::Artificial_Colors;Free_Of::Essential_Oil;Free_Of::Mineral_Oil;Free_of::Parabens;Free_Of::Silicone;Free_Of::Sulphates;green tea;holiday shop 2021;Ingredient_Type::Acids;neogen;normal;physical;physical exfoliator;pigmentation;pores;Product_Type::Exfoliator;sale;sensitive;sensitive skin;skin care;Skin_Concern::Acne;Skin_Concern::Anti-Aging/Wrinkles;Skin_Type::Combination;Skin_Type::Dry;Skin_Type::Normal;Skin_Type::Oily;skincare;sokoglam;tea tree;tea tree extract;">
      NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon
      Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon Replace traditional acid peels with single use exfoliating pads. Experience rich and poweful ingredients, including lemon & lactic acid to deep clean pores.
      Best Seller
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      Thank You Farmer Rice Pure Clay Mask to Foam Cleanser
      Rice Pure Clay Mask to Foam Cleanser A multi-functional clay mask and cleanser that transforms into a foaming cleanser with warm water. Remove excess oil, clear pores and gently exfoliate with rice, oat and cereal extracts.
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      Inward Agas ACue Herbal Mask
      Agas ACue Herbal Mask This wash-off mask is a potent blend of green tea and Korean mint (agastache rugosa) for purifying congested pores, soothing breakouts, soaking up oil and calming reactive skin types.
      Agas ACue Cleansing Foam</a>!</span></p>" data-bread-crumbs="acne;acne & blemishes;acne care;badge-cleanbeauty;badge-vegan;botanical;Face Mask;Free_Of::Alcohol_Products;Free_Of::Animal_Products;Free_Of::Artificial_Colors;Free_Of::Artificial_Fragrances;Free_Of::Essential_Oil;Free_Of::Mineral_Oil;Free_of::Parabens;Free_Of::Silicone;Free_Of::Sulphates;herbal;holiday shop 2020;holiday shop 2021;physical;physical exfoliant;physical exfoliator;Product_Type::Wash Off Mask;skin care;Skin_Concern::Acne;Skin_Concern::Sensitive;Skin_Type::Oily;skincare;sokoglam;Superfood Spotlight: Hydrators;Wash off Mask;">
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